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#pickupabook Jimmie's Pick July 2020

Reading anything interesting? This month, I will be taking a look at Leading Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs (Derman-Sparks, LeeKeenan, & Nimmo, 2015). In our current climate of anti-racism and anti-bias protests, it is important to extend these ideas and practices in our classrooms, beginning at the Early Childhood level. If one of the many purposes of school is to prepare our students to be responsible citizens and to participate in a democratic society, then it is necessary to ensure that those citizens aren't racists with implicit biases.

,Now is the perfect time to implement revision and change in our educational systems. Anyone interested in joining me on this book journey?! I'd love to hear your thoughts, and what ideas you took away from this reading. Send me note, via email at or on IG at @theurbanflowerproject

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